Return To Mars: Leading a Complex Project Courseware

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Are you ready to take your project to the next level? READY TO EARN 2 PDUS?

Palatine created a user-based experience in this NASA-designed course that integrates a fundamentals curriculum with an advanced, high-risk project: NASA's Pathfinder Mission to Mars.

THE RESULT: a highly flexible learning solution that develops competencies for project management professionals at multiple levels of experience.

Expand your creative thinking, so that you can bring a spirit of innovation, team unity and commitment to your management efforts. This was the spirit that infused Pathfinder and guided the historic team to success.

The first two episodes of this groundbreaking course are free. So are your 2 PDUs. We believe that you will be challenged enough to want to take the entire 14 episodes like hundreds of other project professionals before you. Good luck and see you at landing.
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